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    Wakey wakey – the start to our 5.30am wake up calls. Ben having been assigned Duty Manager for he day was the first one up and the last one to bed; another practise scenario for real life in the camp. A surprise tea and coffee tray delivered to Teresa’s room with the wake up call (a different lucky student each day!), packing the game drive cooler box, a quick bite, and off on our 6am, game drive.

    The day’s highlights were a very fat and relaxed male lion; a white backed vulture on his nest; lots of plains game and the avid collection of ‘bush decorations’ for our up and coming workshop. The afternoon was spent tracking a cheetah; identifying lots of birds (well Cobus and Lauren were, but at least the rest of us managed to get the guinea fowl right!), and learning how to use the bush plans for tools and medicine… goodbye pharmacies!

    Another important lesson that night – learning about the local wildlife – the two legged ones! Mandi, the manager of Mahlahla camp where we are training was hosting and ‘open restaurant’ night. Being out in the sticks you’d expect perhaps 15 people to appear if you are lucky, but oh no, can you believe although we hosted 35 people this time, she gets up to 120 people at times!! Where they all hide the rest of the time, will remain a mystery. A fun night was had by all; with Team B (their turn) donning Kharki and white uniform and hitting the floor for table service. A good refresher with it being Team A’s turn next Saturday for our second open night. None of us were worried about the pumping tunes or what time we got to bed – our day off tomorrow is calling!