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    All our learners returned safely from their off week. Many stayed in the area visiting some attractions and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Well rested and ready for another semester, and swiftly getting back into the swing of things.

    This week we had lectures on Geology, Astronomy, and how to view Potentially Dangerous Animals on game drive and especially on foot. There was also a presentation on the pressing issue of Rhino Poaching.

    On game drives we were rewarded with great sightings. One morning we saw a newly born giraffe being fiercely protected from a pack of hungry Spotted Hyena`s, which in turn had some young of their own. These young hyena`s are very inquisitive, and can sometimes be a little daunting for the person sitting on the tracker seat. It’s not everyday that one is privileged enough to find these interactions out in the bush.

    The semester ahead still holds a lot of interesting and exciting topics, including, but not limited to, a 4×4 driving course, and a full week of Track & Sign identification.

    Living and working in the bush one has to sometimes take a break to get perspective on just how fortunate we are to have this type of lifestyle. So the off week, from time to time, does us all a world of good. Yet, rightly so, we are all very happy to be right back here. In Africa – In the bush.

    Greetings from the Cobus & The Bushwise Team.