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    A change of scenery

    Crunch time is here, as fourth semester arrives! Lectures were officially dealt with last semester, so now things will really start heating up around campus, and I’m not referring to the fact that summer is fast approaching. This past week, the schedule followed a slightly different pattern, as game drive focus was on preparing for the upcoming botany practical test. Thanks to the little bit of rain from a few weeks ago, a lot of the trees, shrubs and grasses have transformed completely, and seems to have transformed our students too, into nervous wrecks that is! Fear not, practice makes perfect and you know more than you think you do!

    As a bit of a stress reliever and change of scenery, the groups were also taken through to the world famous Kruger National Park. Included in this trip, was of course, an educational talk from one of their info centres. The main topic of this chat was their concern with the ever growing elephant numbers, as well as the current drought that we are all facing. Sightings were incredible, especially for the second group, who were lucky enough to see all the members of the famous “big 5”, within the first two hours of their day.

    Students remaining at camp was also taken out onto the reserve for the full day, spending the hottest part thereof cooling down along the river. Things might sound quite peaceful, but not really when an elephant decides to invite himself to the party. Some were caught with their pants down, pardon the pun, but luckily he was spotted early enough for everyone to get to a safe spot. Great elephant sightings were enjoyed on the drives as well, with a huge herd spending some quality time down on the south of the reserve for a change!

    As the temperatures are rising, and stress builds as we near the infamous FGASA Level 1 exam next week, a message from the trainers to our nervous students: Remember why you are here, remember what you have learnt over the last few months and trust your gut – believe in yourself and don’t get caught up in the mad rush to the finish.

    Until next time,

    Charles and the Bushwise Team