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    It’s a new year, and that of course means a new course! With all our preparations done, we eagerly awaited the start of our new group to arrive. It is always very interesting to see the diversity of backgrounds within each new group, with each and every student having their own hopes and dreams as to what they would like to get out of the course.

    This year, we extend a warm (literally) welcome to John, Christoph, Alex, Sam, Gareth, Keenan, Kara, Rosie, Jamie, Summer, Olly, Danny, Chris, Matthew, Maika, Mathias and Tienkie. We hope you all enjoy our course as much as we enjoy having you all here.

    This is not only where the welcome list stops though, as we would also like to welcome new Trainer, Conraad Loubser to the Bushwise team. Conraad has almost 6 years guiding and lodge experience and currently holds FGASA Level 2, Trails Guide, ARH and Level 2 First Aid certifications. His dedication lies within all aspects of the African Bush, but in particular, he has a great passion for reptiles and birds. We have no doubt Conraad will be a fantastic addition to the Bushwise Team and an asset to all our students.

    This week has been quiet on the activity front though, as we are allowing everyone to settle in and run through the orientation process. We did however do our usual settling in day, a welcome braai, a town trip to purchase the much needed khaki’s (which had to be celebrated with a game drive of course!), the First Aid course, we did a lecture on the guiding industry and the various dangerous critters around, and tomorrow morning kicks off bright and early again with another game drive to mark the start of the weekend. Tomorrow evening, we will be taking our new students to the famous (infamous?!) Mahlahla Game Lodge, for a bit of a social. Great first week indeed.

    Until Next Time,
    Charles and The Bushwise Team