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    Posting our weekly blog usually indicates that another week has not only come, but almost gone. One thing that is clear after this past week, is that summer is very quickly heading our way! Soon we can pack away our jackets, and forget about them until mid next year, something that I am definitely looking forward to!

    What a busy week it has been, we kicked off with trips to the world famous Kruger National Park, (if you have it right on your doorstep, wouldn’t you?), but not just for game viewing, but also an educational talk from their education centre at Letaba. This talk is always very informative, and covers the history of the park, its animals and how they are controlled, all the way through to habitat management by fire etc. Thank you to the SanParks staff members who provided these talks.

    Meanwhile, whilst half the group were enjoying their day in Kruger, the remainder of the group stayed out on the reserve the entire day, cementing some of the things they learnt in last week’s trails guide lecture, by doing walks, and a few great encounters were logged during the course of the week.

    Obviously, we had to make some time for lectures of our own, and this week we covered geology, amphibians and grass. Game drives on the reserve produced some amazing sightings of lions, lions on a kill, serval and a very relaxed male leopard one afternoon. Other noteworthy mentions are the two separate sightings of African Finfoot – a great addition to the growing birding checklist.

    We also treated our field guide students to a surprise set up drinks break, and I think it is safe to say, it was enjoyed by all – especially after that amazing leopard sighting! A nice insight into what might be expected from them as guides one day.

    Whilst setting up our drinks spot, we were informed by the reserve warden that a delivery of Waterbuck was on its way, with the release planned a few hundred meters from our sundowners spot. Another surprise was added to the evening, when our students were invited to watch the release. A great way to see the other side of conservation, and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of the new additions once they have settled onto the reserve.

    As the saying goes, just another day in Africa! To our students – Good luck for this week’s tests, and remember, geology rocks! 🙂

    Until next time,
    Charles and The Bushwise Team

    Photo Credits: Conraad Loubser
    Evening Drinks Stop Photo: Francois Malan