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    Day one at Bushwise was very nerve racking for me, meeting new people from other countries was a very strange for me seeing as I have not left Africa. It was interesting to learn more about where they come from, what their lives are like there and how different it is to South Africa. At that moment I realised this was going to be the best 6 months of my life.

    It is day 50 today and I have to tell you that it has been amazing experience so far. It is hard for me to put into words but I will try my best. Right now, I fee like I am in the best place on earth and at this moment I want to call it my ‘real’ home. It’s a feeling you get, more than anything else. Every morning fills my heart with joy and I am in my element.

    I have developed a bond with my fellow students within such a short amount a time, it feels like I have known them for years. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we all have a passion for nature.

    We are at week 7 and busy with one of my favorite things in life and that is rifles. Our Sasseta proficiency’s are needed to progress and be able to then have our hand at Advanced Rifle Handling. Its been indescribable, the knowledge and growth I have had around one of my favorite past times has been great. It all started with our first lesson, which left us a bit overwhelmed and slightly confused but after a while it got very competitive that we all did our best to have the best times loading a rifle.

    At first it went slow but the more we practiced the better and faster we became. The best time loading time was 5.28 seconds by Sean Fox, one of best cowboys on the course who has also become one of my very close friends. After all the practice, we had to load the rifle blind folded within 26 seconds or try to beat that time. I was a bit stressed but managed to do it in 19.6 seconds. That was that worst time of the day out of everyone in my group but I kept trying and my second attempt was way better as I started to get the hang of things. Eventually I clocked in at a modest 6.65 seconds. But by Round 3 I was flying through and set a record for our group and put down to 4.5 seconds. At that moment I felt like a best cowboy from the west.

    At the end we all learned something new about how to handle a rifle and to have respect for it. Remember keep your finger off the trigger and when choosing a safe direction to shoot, shoot for Bushwise.

    Blog by Stefan Prinsloo