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    It has been an exceptional week.

    Let’s try put you in the picture….Just listen to this line-up:

    The week started off with a Reptile orientation course at Kinyonga Reptile Centre, which besides an informative presentation, included demonstrations on how to safely handle snakes and remove them from unwanted places. The puff adder proved more difficult than it first seemed! The Grietjie students were lucky enough to be invited to attend a necropsy on a black mamba, which gave them  a better insight and understanding of the internal anatomy of a snake.


    The Mahlahla group then headed off to a Sommelier Wine Orientation & tasting at the Safari Wine Club. An incredibly informative and enjoyable afternoon was spent learning about all things wine; including wine types, food pairing and serving. This will go hand in hand with the Hospitality module coming later on in the course (when our Grietjie students will complete their Wine orientation) – making for better, well-rounded guides & hosts.

    Game drives delivered cheetah, spotted hyena, sable antelope, elephant, lions, buffalo, loads of plains game and lots of unusual encounters of the smaller kind… complimented by lectures and practical’s on tree identification and animal behaviour.

    To top it all off, a bush walk for the Mahlahla group rewarded them with a lioness and cub encounter, of the closer kind, on foot.

    Yesterday morning had a final surprise for the Grietjie students this week, when they discovered an elephant (or maybe two) had paid a visit to the campus and set about uprooting the electric fence and pushing over one of the poles on the car park canopy. Amazingly, everyone slept through the incident!

    This morning all our students wrote their weekly tests with a well-earned day off tomorrow. Next week we invite well known wildlife photographers (and guides) Albie Venter and Sean Patrick to conduct a 2 day photographic workshop with our students…but that’s a story for next week’s blog!

    Until Next Time,

    The Bushwise Team

    (Thanks to Sunil Lath, Tracey Bruton and Thomas Goldner for the photos!)