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Happy independence day to Mike – our USA student!  We certainly celebrated in style with an amazing LEOPARD sightings (chilling in the tree), 2 lioness (ultra lazy and also chilling); a quick investigation with a scorpion; even following a ‘honeyguide’ bird to a bee’s nest (thought to be a myth, but we proved its true!!).  Quite the Independence Day celebration – if even with a slight ‘twist’!!

After our morning walk of tracking; plant IDying; and investigation of creeky crawlies hiding under the rocks we took to the game drive vehicle!  A lesson in changing a tyre which you’d think was very easy if you’ve done it before, but oh no – have you ever used a high lift jack??  The protocol of a routine vehicle check and individual lessons from Cobus on how to actually drive our tank of a game drive vehicle and we were ready to set off into the bushes!  We aren’t sure if we, or the animals should be the more scared with that scenario!

Angela had us all setting up individual dining tables (with her ruler!!) so many interesting lessons learnt! Later followed by our ‘bush banquet’ brainstorm session.  Split into different groups, each with a different section of the dinner to focus on, we feel we have come off with a awesome ‘wow’ bush dinner set up and menu.  We’re off to Hoedspruit with our new found shopping lists tomorrow…. The question is….will we pass our bush banquet test with flying colours!! Angela certainly thinks we will!!!