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    The third semester has drawn to a close, and we begin…..to realise that we are on our way to becoming fully fledged guides, with the beginning of the fire-arm assessments and more intense game drives. The tension is mounting as more and more “pressure” is being exerted on the students to begin conditioning them to the upcoming driving assessments in the next semester, but not until the fire-arm assessments commenced in the latter part of this week did reality begin to bite! Well done Gaz, Chris, Keenan and Matt for achieving your ARH status (advanced rifle handling) and putting on an excellent display of your shooting prowess. All those tedious hours spent with rifle drills paid off did they not gentlemen??? For those of you who reached basic rifle handling status, and those that did not quite make the grade, well done, you still went the distance even though your personal goals were not met. You still have my respect ladies and gentlemen!!

    All is not doom and gloom though, since game drives were rewarded on several occasions with some great sightings once again. From an instructor point of view, it is somewhat difficult at times to both share and imprint on our students the processes that are required to become a successful and professional guide in a teacher role, whilst balancing this with a healthy and exciting dose of “Big 5” sightings to stir the emotions of an African safari experience, yet our sightings once again never let us down! Elephants, lions, lions with cubs, cheetahs and of course the ever elusive……yes you guessed it, leopard, were the order of the day. Thanks guys and girls for your enthusiasm and commitment to your tasks, as I am fully aware that the workbooks are a massive amount of work that requires completion, yet you are progressing well!

    Keep up the good work; focus all your efforts on your bird slide and sound identification test today, and remember-you should be saying to yourself that, failure is not an option-and go and ace this test!!

    Next week of course is the next scheduled off week, so I suggest you make use of this time to recharge the batteries, get your mindset right as next semester is the BIG one where it will come down to the wire!! For those of you travelling to visit and explore what our beautiful country and those countries bordering us can offer, please travel safe and enjoy.

    Hamba Gahle Umgani!! (Go safely friends)
    Until next time
    Trevor and the Bushwise team