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A morning stroll around camp found us serval, civet, genet, wildebeest and bushbuck tracks – all sneaking around camp last night! A quick lesson on one of the ‘little 5’ (the Ant lion) by Cobus and then back to camp to start learning how to stay safe and save lives!

An invaluable 5 hours were spent on our first aid course – thank you Jan!! An essential tool to add to our bush life ‘kit’. From bandaging to CPR to defibrillation…. And we all passed with flying colours!

Then off on our first game drive. Taking in the spectacular scenery; sitting watching the wildebeest munching their way through the bush; giraffe (a first time sighting for some of our interns), and a sparrowhawk devouring a dove for dinner; ending with sundowners watching the infamous bright red African sunset, whilst listening to the hippo’s honking and elephants cracking the branches of the very nearby trees. A quick stop to say goodnight to the elephants; investigation of the easier star constellations while listening to the magical night bush sounds, and then homeward bound for a well deserved dinner, campfire chats and bed. As they say “ its hell in the bush”!(smile).