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    Today marks the end of an action packed week and the end of the second semester for our current Bushwise students.

    The start of the week kicked off with game drives with the students behind the wheel and “demonstrating” their skills and knowledge gleaned over the last 2 months. Emphasis on imparting this knowledge and honing driving skills (for guest comfort and safety) being the order of the day. A noticeable improvement by many was evident, and a big “well done” to all, although, do not become too complacent guys and girls, since practise makes perfect and there is always room for improvement!

    Lectures were still on the cards, (sorry guys and girls-we cannot avoid these now can we! :-), these being Arthropods, Amphibians and fish, followed up in the evenings with practical application of these lectures in the form of locating (at least attempting too) frogs and scorpions with the aid of  Ultra violet torches. Still a bit too cool in the evenings, but No fear fellow students, we will find these creepy crawlies next semester!

     Further game drives, a night drive and one-on-one placement interviews filled in a few more gaps in the curriculum, and the much awaited rifle handling sessions became the order of the rest of the week. As always, much speculation is voiced over the weight of the rifle, the recoil, am I within the time limit? Etc. from a students’ point of view. From mine and the other trainers, we want to only re-assure you guys not to focus too much on these. By continuing practising the basics, all of these issues fall into place automatically and before you realise it, you will become accomplished at handling a big calibre firearm (Perhaps Chuck Norris will consider you as his back-up) 🙂

    A recap of interesting sightings this week include elephant, hyena, civet, porcupine, AFRICAN WILD CAT!, cheetah, genet, gemsbok, and plenty of general game.

    In closing, good luck with your tests today, and enjoy your well deserved 7 day break! Please travel safely, and for those remaining behind on campus, keep it tidy!

    Until next time,

    Trevor and the Bushwise team