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The last 2 weeks were potentially the most taxing of the 8 up to date. Since the beginning of this course in January 2015, the pace and intensity has been slowly, yet steadily mounting. What follows is a brief glimpse into the cogs of the clock at Bushwise, so.. enjoy….

The majority of the tracking course was done last week, with the practical assessment taking place on Monday for the Mahlahla Group. The substrate consistency is a vital component when attempting to identify track and sign, and in this case made for an interesting assessment, since after the little bit of rain, the dust had settled making the substrate much firmer than usual, and the wind on Monday morning added an interesting dimension. None the less, the learners and facilitators that were assessed did very well. Conraad Loubser, our one facilitator achieved his professional level (100%) in track and sign.

On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, learners had to attain their legal rifle proficiency certificate for relevant unit standards through an accredited SASSETA provider. Once again learners did exceptionally well and every single one attained their SASSETA certification.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we also conducted game drives and walks with learners who were not doing SASSETA certification on each respective day. Sightings were numerous and diverse including but not limited to lion, leopard, cheetah, spotted hyena… and lots of tracking.

On Thursday and Friday rifle dry runs were conducted with learners in preparation for FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling Certificate practical assessment. Dry runs are exercises conducted with real rifles and dummy rounds in order to develop muscle memory for the actual assessment due in the next semester.

On Thursday course feedback up to date and placement interviews were conducted in order to ascertain student performance up to date and preference pertaining to a diverse array of placement options. The major objective of placing learners would be to expose them to experience in real time work place environments. (Usually a rare opportunity for most entering the hospitality and guiding industry.)

On Friday morning learners had to go to Hoedspruit, our local metropolis, in order to finalise shopping and logistics for their well-earned off week. During the off week, students will be flung far and wide across South Africa ranging from Western Cape to Limpopo Waterberg, all of their own accord.

Before everybody can go on a well-earned break, there is a little bit more work to be done. A Question & Answer session on Friday afternoon was held in preparation for Saturday morning’s exams on amphibians, arthropods and rifles.

In just a few short moments, almost everyone will be happily on their way to their different destinations around SA. Well done boys and girls. Enjoy!

Until Next Time,

The Bushwise Team

(Lion photo credit: Jacques Briam)