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    With the Rugby World Cup reaching the final stages, it seems apt to use the phrase in the sense that the same is taking place right now on campus. Yes, you guessed it….. FGASA finals are here!

     What we have here is, 22 “players”, all wrestling for the answers, with ONE goal, and that is to ace this exam! Tensions are high to say the least, and the supporters/”trainers” are also fired up for this epic encounter. This is the stuff that legends are made off, and unlike some of our RWC teams who did not quite make it, this Bushwise team of 2015 are right up there and are the favourites to win.

     Yes, that is right, you are all Winners in your own right, and this exam should be considered a formality as you forge ahead as the future of professional Field Guiding, role models for those that aspire to become the same.

    Your Head coach, Charles, the back line coach, Trevor and your scrum couch Almero, all wish you the very best for tomorrows test!

    Goooo…. Team BUSHWISE!!!!