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So finally the moment has arrived…  After 5 months of intensive learning (and a week of cramming!) the students tackled the FGASA level 1 theory exam.  150 questions, spanning 18 modules lay before them and the tension in the lecture room was palpable as the 20 budding young field guides awaited their fate.

A cartoonist would have had a field day if they were able to recreate caricatures from the multitude of confused expressions that were demonstrated.  Few fingernails were left by the end of the allotted time and many a pen had been destroyed as students gnawed on them like hungry rodents, as they searched their over loaded brains for answers!

The results are not yet in but we are confident that all students will have performed to the best of their abilities and we, as a team, are hugely proud of the effort and dedication that they have shown during the course thus far.  However, their journey to becoming the new generation of field guides is not over yet as next week sees the beginning of the practical assessments.


This is the student’s chance to put into practice all that they have learned in a practical setting.  It is hard to study for an assessment but that is the point.  They must prove to their assessor that they are capable of adapting a guided experience based upon what is seen on the day!  Not only that, but the assessment is also designed to test everything from people skills to their hosting abilities.  Everything will be taken into account, from eye contact when interpreting information, driving skills and above all appreciation of safety!  However, we are more than confident that each and every student has received more than enough information over the preceding months to blow our minds with their abilities to deliver an entertaining and informative game drive!!


In other news from the week, some incredible sightings were had as the trainers tried to relieve the tension and allow over worked-brains a chance to relax.  Leopard and loin sightings were enjoyed by students including an amazing interaction between the 2 species that would have only served to whet the appetite for those hoping to make field guiding a career!  Such was the magnificence of this sighting, it will receive a blog of its own in due course!

In the meantime, we wish the students well in their assessments next week and look forward to hopefully declaring all of them official FGASA field guides in the very near future!!

Ben and the Bushwise Team