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    Ok, so it’s not as dramatic as the title might suggest – but the focus of this week has been on challenging obtacles and potentially life threatning situations! The much anticipated and eagerly awaited 4×4 training course for guides took place this week. We are proud to say, our Bushwise Field Guide students are the first student guides to complete this newly accredited course facilitated by the team of Will Of Africa. It proved to be well worth it and much enjoyed by all, although there were one or two anxious faces when it came to tackling some of the tasks. However, once these were done without incident, attitudes changed completely to one of a feeling of accomplishment and pride.  

    Vehicles were covered from all angles, inside and out, top to bottom. Lets just say, there are now a few more people who are hooked on 4×4 driving! What used to be very intimidating obstacles and phrases, now seem meek and mild – with the right knowledge and know how, everything becomes easy. With the right gear selection and understanding of the capabilities of the vehicle; those odd angles, axle twisters and even the dreaded “reverse start” and recovery of stuck vehicles becomes fun, rather than daunting! With plenty of practical simulations, all the concepts were properly cemented, and everyone now looks at these vehicles through new eyes! A special thanks goes out to Will, Mike and Mark for sharing all your years of knowledge and passion with our students. 

    As various groups were busy with the 4×4 course – lectures still continued on with VPDA (Viewing Potentially Dangerous Animals) covered on the Mahlahla side and Botany on the Grietjie side. There were also plenty of game drives with some amazing sightings – including lots of lions, elephants and hyena. Astronomy practicals also featured on a few of the afternoon/evening drives.

    So after a great week away for all (most of whom spent their time in Kruger), this week has been action packed to kick off the start of a busy, but productive second semester. 

    Until Next Time,

    The Bushwise Team

    Lioness Photo Credit: Tracey Bruton