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    Hello again.

    We find ourselves at the end of yet another week and course time for our students is quickly nearing an end. This week was devoted to study, study and more study with a bit of time to eat and sleep in between. Apart from the studies we had the two groups host one another for a bush dinner. They had to choose a location and create a dining experience somewhere other than the normal eating area. While some put in more effort than others, both nights turned out wonderful and the experience was enjoyed by the receiving group. Well done to all.

    We also celebrated Sam and Maika’s birthdays this week. Once again congratulations to you both and we wish you many more.

    Sam was spoiled with a brief leopard sighting on their way back to campus from the afternoon drive and a vanilla cake for dessert to top it all off. Maika was almost as fortunate with her group having had a sighting of white tailed mongoose, one of the less often seen small nocturnal mammals in the bush. On the day of her birthday she was surprised with a New York cheese cake that Christof baked for her. Wednesday morning was a Q&A session leading up to the vitally important FGASA level 1 exam being written today and though there was some relieved faces afterwards, there were also some worried ones.

    Do I have what it takes? The realization of being so close but yet so far has sunk in. This is what you all have worked so hard to reach and it is just around the corner.

    So do you have what it takes?
    Well only time will tell and with the practical drive assessments taking place in the next two weeks we will soon know. You have all put in long hours and hard yards so go out there and make us proud. You can do it!!

    Remember to read next week’s blog for some inside info on how things are coming together for our students.

    Until next time
    Conraad and the Bushwise team