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    Hello again from the Bushwise team!

    Well, at the end of our second week of the first semester there is already so much to talk about. With most of the formalities and a few necessities taken care of during week one, we could get down to business and that was what we did during this week. We started the week like a typical day would for any guide in the industry with a morning game drive. 

    Though the vehicles depart at 05:30 it is normally a 4 o’clock wake up to ensure the hot boxes (coffee and tea) are ready and that you are presentable for your drive. With enthusiasm levels being very high there were no problem and every one was up and ready….well almost. I had such a good time off that I miss read my planner but fortunately woke up in time, out of habit, only to realise that it’s a game drive and not a 7 o’clock lecture. 

    The game drives are filled with so much to see and learn and of course, everything is new, so time passes so quickly and short distances are covered in four hours. Due to the good rains we’ve had, the bush is very green and dense making game viewing somewhat tricky and more challenging, but who does not like a challenge?! Apart from another three game drives in the week we also had 4 lectures as well as a vehicle practical and practical driving assessment. During these we covered the basic workings of a vehicle (Land Rover 4 x 4 game viewers) as well as how to change a tyre, daily maintenance checks and testing student’s ability to drive such a big vehicle. Some of the highlights of this week’s game drives were surely the sheer amount of grasses and trees we learned and as the students tapped into the well of knowledge and experience our trainers have to offer, their note books are getting fuller by the day. 

    Oh and I almost forgot to mention the leopard sighting. Like I said so much to talk about.

    Just a reminder to those who are new to our blog and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bushwise), due to the rhino poaching pandemic happening in Southern Africa, we do not post photos or post about any rhino sighting we may see. We certainly don’t want to give locations and numbers out to the wrong people!

    Yesterday, with the first exams coming up, the enthusiasm changed to study stress and I must say that campus was very quiet! If they aren’t studying they are sleeping and vice versa…although everyone did turn up for the afternoon question and answer session with the trainers. I am sure that you will all be fine girls and boys and good luck.

    Well that’s all from me for this week but stay tuned for another packed week ahead. 

    Until next time

    Conraad and the Bushwise team
    Photo: Nick Newman