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    As the final curtain draws a close on 2018, the July 2018 intake arrivals seems a faint memory…. What an amazing 6 months it has been at Bushwise Field Guides!

    Thinking back to the nervous and uncertain faces that arrived at campus and seeing the final faces at graduation after completing their course, remains a constant source of gratification to the staff of Bushwise.

    Despite all the “ups and downs” from time to time, and the tears when home-sickness kicks in, this group has applied themselves diligently and have made it and work for them in order to achieve their goals.

    Brody Boldt on placement at Siyafunda

    Packed with teaching and learning, and with the support from the training team together with the effort that was given by each student, the end of course results show once again that Bushwise Field Guides are one of the best Training Providers in the country and successes of our students as is seen in their pass rates are a matter of great pride to us.

    Girl power!

    Tomorrow sees the final day to bid some of our current group “Adieu” as they return from their 12-day Lowveld Trails mentorship, we know it will be a “smelly” group after the trails due to limited resources of hot water and creature comforts, nevertheless we are very proud of them for sticking it out and completing the course!

    Some of our students have started on placement already, and notwithstanding a few bumps, everyone so far seems to be enjoying the working world and getting their hands dirty!

    Ellie Schwartz on placement at GVI Karongwe

    Ellie Schwartz on placement at GVI Karongwe

    Ellie Schwartz on placement at GVI Karongwe

    To the staff at Bushwise, you guys rock and all your efforts have not gone unnoticed, keep it up lads, the team continues to grow from strength to strength.

    Students, you have the knowledge, you have received the training…now grab the opportunity at your placement with both hands and learn as much as you can! You will learn something new every moment, so treasure all the experiences that will come your way, push through the long hours and make every second count.  We at Bushwise have all the confidence in each and every one of you so go out there and continue making us proud!

    New friendships for life

    May you all enjoy a Happy and Joyous festive season and an amazing 2019!

    Blog by Trevor Myburgh