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    This was a productive week, we learned all about the weather and climate, geology and astronomy. Subjects that are very important for a professional guide to know and understand.

    The importance of weather and climate is obvious, but perhaps the most important benefit of weather and climate is that it brings rain, snow and other forms of precipitation. Humans and all other organisms need to consume a regular supply of water to survive. Another very important note for a field guide to always remind their guest to keep water with them at all times, during game drives – the African climate can be very hot and unforgiving.

    Photo by Queen Manyike

    Then, come special moments of night star gazing with trainer Ben Coley. It is said that astronomy is seen as factors that affect one’s psyche, it is a full painting of the cosmos at the time of your birth. The way that all the planets relate to you and to each other plays a valuable role in getting to know the importance of all stars and ultimately you.  Everyone one of us were left amazed during the night star gazing and our minds were open to what lies beyond what we cannot see and the eternal universe.

    Photo by Ben Coley

    We still had some normal game drives in between and were very lucky to see several lion sightings and some hyenas, another incredible experience in the bush.

    Photo by Sebastian Kroon

    On Thursday, came a day that everyone had been longing for since the start of the week – our second sleep out in the bush! During the afternoon game drive, we had some good rain and some of us we got very wet but brought relief to such a hot day. So, this was just another aspect of what nature lovers enjoy. Even the rain did not stop us from continuing with sleep out as it did finally stop.  We chose a good spot for our sleep out and started collecting wood to make fire and prepare our braai masters, Brett and Marnus, to make some delicious boerewors and pork chops. Some unforgettable memories were made that night for all….

    Photo by Queen Manyike

    Yet another Semester flies by and our off week starts. We are all ready for our break and look forward to the next semester where our 4 X 4 driving skills will be put to the test.

    Blog by Queen Manyike