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    Second week of the new course and all is steaming ahead at a rapid pace! Students are touching ground here and there as they are quickly growing accustomed to camp routine and getting to know one another better. Our students have been overwhelmed with new knowledge and information, and it’s great to see so many passionate and enthusiastic individuals!

    The week kicked off with lectures on radio communications and ethics, vehicle maintenance combined with practical demonstrations on the use of vehicle equipment (such as a high-lift jack etc.), mammals, the students’ practical driving assessments (as seen in the photo below) and the very first “virtual game drive” session!

    The purpose of this ongoing exercise is to expand knowledge on a wide range of topics in a controlled environment, to introduce animals which may not be seen during the course due to location and/or rarity (but may be seen on placement) and to practice communication skills in a controlled environment and therefore increase confidence on actual drives, as well as to start discussions on topics for the benefit of the entire group! The pilot “episode” went off extremely well as the students were energetically searching for facts and figures to make their virtual game drive experience an interesting and informative one! Well done guys and girls. I look forward to next weeks’ game drive. A special mention to past student Sam Miller who initiated the concept.

    The week was not all work, as several game drives were also enjoyed by all. The high-light of which was having the opportunity to visit one of the two additional reserves other than Makalali that we have recently added to our “portfolio” in order to broaden and enrich our students’ knowledge base, by exposing them to animal species seldom encountered. Species such as Sable and Roan antelope, as well as Gemsbok are on the cards, so let us keep those game drive vehicle wheels rolling! A notable sighting this week was that of a pride of lions on a kill! (Thanks for the photo Ash).

    A BIG thank you to both Johan from award-winning Chimoyo game ranch and Jesco & Karl from Makutsi game reserve for the privilege of traversing on your stunning reserves!

    Today has been a study day for the upcoming tests on this weeks’ lectures, thus Good Luck ladies and gents. I have every faith in you since you are all masters of your own destinies, and failure is NOT an option! I believe you all know what I mean even though I may not be saying the words! Now where did I put my stick? 🙂

    Until next time,
    Trevor and the Bushwise team