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    Ever had things happen that you thoroughly appreciate, yet, do not want happening again too soon?

    Well, this was one of those weeks, so, let me run it by you, and maybe, just maybe, you would share the same sentiment. Let’s start, like all great tales, in the beginning. (Charles maintains that the only time one is allowed not to start at the beginning, is when you are eating and there’s pudding, then you are allowed to start with desert. Which, by the way a delightful young girl, Sophie’s daughter Fia, rightfully proved to us at yesterday’s farewell function.) I’m digressing, so let’s get back to the point.

    Last week was jam packed with game drives to ascertain the practical competency of learners, and this week some re-assessments had to be done, not only to verify skills of learners attained by internal assessors, but also external moderators. Additionally, and congruently running side by side, there were ARH re-assessments. The letters ARH is an abbreviation for Advanced Rifle Handling, and, yes, that pretty much sums it up – you pretty very much gotta know what you’re doing…

    Stress, stress, stress… it almost makes you wonder why you ever agreed to play this game, yet, victory is sweet, and ironically when you get out there, really doing what you really came here to do… it all falls into place so very very fast. Suddenly you are doing two, maybe three drives a day, walking to log hours in-between, hosting until the last client goes to bed, cleanup, stock take, lockup… and then… bright eyed and bushy tailed you greet your clients for their 5 am drive (…that is, after you cleaned and checked the vehicle, packed the cooler and hot boxes, oh yes, and ironed your, by now dirty, uniform…beforehand) So, needless to say, not everyone is cut out to be a field guide. That said: There are few things more awesome than the bush (and if there are, they’re more awesome in the bush, full stop)
    To our students – a great big measure of appreciation for making this happen. Thank you for being here this time. Thank you for sharing the dream in what has gone past, and what is still to come. 

    Yesterday we were treated to an amazing lunch and prize giving at Moholoholo Ya Mati. Well done to Tina for winning the top achiever prize with a whopping 97% course average, to Matt for winning the best all-rounder award and to Ben, Tina, Macon, Andy and Frank for being awarded Bushwise birding specialist certificates. Of course, a huge thank you to Frank for all his photo contributions on the Bushwise page. 

    PS: Some of our learners are starting their 6 month placement, oh yes, today. Some are starting in the next couple of days, and some are staying on for another two weeks. That is, after we all have taken what is generally termed `a well earned break`. So, watch this space. It Just ain’t done yet…

    For the rest of our 23 weekers, lots of exciting activities are listed on the planner for the 5th semester – including visits to completely new biomes. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs. 

    My final words to our placement students….Just remember – someone else’s main course might just be your desert. So start where you wish, get out there and make it happen!

    Until Next Time,
    Cobus and The Bushwise Team


    Thanks to Frank for the photos!