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This past week was Tracking week, and what a week it was. On Monday, Colin Patrick (our trainer for the week) arrived and, after a quick discussion about the structure of the week, it was straight to Makalali to start looking at some tracks. Each day we had a morning and an afternoon tracking session. We also had a few lectures about tracking, the foot structures of the different animals and some techniques and tips too.


On Friday we began our assessment. We had about 50 questions – a variety of level 1, 2 and 3 (degrees of difficulty) on a variety of substrates. A level 1 question is worth 1 point but if you get it wrong you lose 3 points, a level 2 question is worth 2 points and if you get it wrong you lose 2 points, a level 3 question is worth 3 points but if you get it wrong you only lose 1 point. It balances out quite nicely in the end and gives you a good idea of your current level. The assessment carried on for most of Saturday too.17453672_10154879153530935_1236985626_o17309168_1863295487030041_6078730876098306454_nWe finished the last set of questions and let Colin work out how we had done.

For a Level 1 tracker, you need 70 – 79%, Level 2 is 80 – 89%, Level 3 is 90 – 99% and for a Level 4 you need 100%!

Everybody got a Level, which was awesome, and a few people even got a Level 3, which is so good.

Jess came top of the class with 94%!


Colin congratulated us and then we returned to camp. It’s been a long, hard and stressful week, but so interesting, thought provoking and definitely worth it. We’ve all learnt so much, and I for one am amazed at how much progress I made in such a short space of time. Colin is a fantastic trainer and so knowledgeable – what a fantastic experience to learn from one of the best trackers out there.

17431780_10154879154140935_627377874_oSemester 3 - Week 1 - 23/03/2017 - Tracking Week - Group Photo 6

Blog by Jenni Smith, picture contributions from Jenni Smith, Jess Talbot & Katie Munro