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This week kicked off with an exciting introductory course to wildlife photography. Mike Kendrick came in and even supplied decent cameras to some of the students that did not have their own. The Canon vs Nikon topic also came up and eventually everybody decided that some people like wine and others like whiskey. The concerns about technical terms were soon erased and terms like aperture, ISO and shutter speed were explained. The students then got the opportunity to go out and practice these to master the techniques. This resulted in some interesting poses and positions and very strange subjects! At the end of the course the students also realized that guests do no only come to see the iconic African animals and landscape but they also want the memories captured on camera. They realized that to be able to identify photographic opportunities forms part of a guide’s skills. All had a good time in the learning process.


The rest of the week was all about our feathered friends! The learners were also engaged in an informal competition to see which group can identify the most birds while out on game drives. This also helped them to practice their bird identification skills in the field. Some beautiful birds impressed the students by their splendour and vivid colourations. One of the favourites that always encouraged photography was the Lilac breasted roller.


The contagious Saturday – test – fever infected the group on Friday and exam stress became almost tangible. We wish them good luck in their tests and hope that the hard workers get rewarded  with great marks.

Bush greetings Gerhard & the Bushwise Team