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    After a day off and feeling refreshed, its off to town we go!!  But first a quick stop at Blyde River Canyon to soak up the awesome scenery – nice to take in some lush green having spent the last few days bumping around in the dry bushveld! 

    Khamai Reptile Park came next: A cheeky ostrich to greet us; a boa constrictor dangling around our necks; the chameleon trick which entailed Ben and Angela holding a worm lightly in their mouths and the chameleon zapping the worm out with its extra long tongue (sounds weird but very entertaining); feeding the Albino Kingsnake; and last but not least close encounters with 3 of South Africa’s most dangerous snakes – the boomslang, the puff adder and the snouted cobra.  Thanks to Dameon for a really cool 4 hour tour!

    We then headed to Hoedspruit.  A couple hours to catch up on the internet, buy some much needed kharki clothes and finished off with a 2 hour lecture and wine tasting at the Safari Wine Club.  A few delicious Chardonnay’s, Savingnon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Savignon later and we nearly all rolled out – a lot fuller and richer for the experience.

    Angela announced a surprise private dinner on our drive back to camp so after being split into 2 groups, Team A were on duty whilst Team B enjoyed the pampering.  A service refresher with lots of creativity!  Well done Team A – Mike, Lauren and Louise – it was magical and you passed with flying colours – as I’m sure you’ll all agree with the sneak peak photos attached.