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So we started off a new week after a busy of week where we did fun and exciting stuff, because we had rifle training and competency exams.

On Monday morning the first group went to Tzaneen to go do their first day of class room sitting. This started off with watching a DVD on rifle safety and laws, while the other group did their game drives and had awesome sightings on their first day back. Our Tzaneen group had a little problem on their way back, they had a tyre burst and luckily they had a good driver behind the wheel and he knows his Toyotas (Trevor Myburgh), he managed to keep control of the car and get them of the road safely. They then had to replace the wheel but had a few problems with the jack and had to make other plans, Trevor Myburgh, Matt, Shara where the main guys with making plans and getting them back on the road while the other guys had a fun time standing around and taking pictures of these three guys making plans.

On Thursday, the first Tzaneen group got up early and where excited to do their shooting practical and because this was an all man group they made bets and wanted to see who the best shot is. Stefano gave the guys a run for their money and he was the best shot of the day.

My group on the other hand had a fun lecture that morning with our trainers Gerhard and Vaughan, they explained everything to us on rifle safety and all the drills we were going to do. After our lecture we started with dry runs where you use dummy ammunition to perfect your quick loading capabilities and get our times as fast as we can.

It was my group’s day of practical shooting and we were exited and couldn’t wait to get our shooting on and of course there is always two guys seeing who the best shot is. So one of the guys made a bet with me because I have a long shooting history  and so does he. We had a bet to see who got closest to the target. It was a close one but I managed to pull it off and just beat him. My group did a fantastic job on their targets and for most of them it was their first time shooting and they impressed me a lot.

Our other group had their dry runs and they did super – you could see every one of them just enjoying there day with the rifle dry runs.

On Friday,  We had our final morning game drive for the week and we all got up early and we just had an amazing morning in the bush just enjoying Mother Nature and all the things she provides for us. We mostly focused on birds and ID of birds for that morning and then head back to campus to write our bird slide test and sounds of birds, we also had to write our map test on the whole Makalali area and I think we can say we can call in our sightings now with out any struggles.

After all our tests we went to support a local music festival, Rocking for Rhinos. One of our students, Thjis, volunteered to DJ and we can all say Thjis held Bushwise’s name up high. We had a fun time camping and just enjoying R4R.

So we had one awesome week of learning new and interesting things and we are so glad that we get to spend every day out in the bush having fun and learning more and more interesting facts – I can see that we are becoming guides.