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The third week though and the first Semester is almost done. The past week the students were introduced to general knowledge, identification and the safe handling of Reptiles. For many Foreign students it was their first time to see snakes in real life and to touch them. All students were also to feel their physical features and muscular bodies which was also discussed during a lecture on Reptiles.

The African python with its beautiful patterns were closer investigated and handled by most students except for those with herpetophoby. Some of the most venomous snakes were on display in the open, under the watchful yes of experienced handlers, like the Mozambique spitting cobra and the lazy Puff adder. Black and green mambas were also some of the notorious snakes on display. The Gaboon adder was many a students’ favourite as it is so cryptically marked and colourful and it just looks really impressive and had the largest venom glands of any other snake! The Nile crocodiles were very inactive because of the cold morning. Their armoured bodies never fail to get reaction from the spectators!


During the game drive activities we had many beautiful sunrises and spectacular African sunsets and the sun’s rays of energy just rejuvenated everybody’s spirits. With this back drop many amazing photographic opportunities presented itself but it was at the giraffe carcass that the action took place. Spotted hyenas and vultures did not disappoint with their feeding frenzies. It was great to be able to have seen these cleaning crews in action.


All these encounters and lectures mean nothing if students don’t make the time to study and cement the newly acquired knowledge into the guiding compartments of their brains. This knowledge was tested during the Saturday morning’s test and they all will hope that they will reap the fruits of their efforts.

Bush Greetings Gerhard and the Bushwise Team