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    Hello again. As another week comes to an end there is only one thing on the minds of our field guide students…well actually a lot more than just one thing – about 250 pages, 17 modules and 4 months’ worth of gained knowledge in the lead up to the all-important FGASA level 1 exam tomorrow.

    Our week started off with a briefing on the practical assessments which start on the 3rd of November, to ensure that everyone is aware of how the process works. Monday afternoon the students were treated to a (Hint & Tips) game drive by our assessors to iron out any last minute queries and questions. The rest of the week was dedicated to studying, with optional game drives in the morning and afternoon. Only the Tuesday afternoon saw the optional game drive being chosen over studying (with an elephant bull sighting), be it only by a few students.

    We completed a practical frogging session after dinner on Tuesday night and managed to catch 5 different species of frogs, not a bad effort considering the rainy season has not yet begun in earnest and the water levels in the dams are low. Amongst these was Sharpnosed grass frogs and Mullers platanna’s as well as a dwarf puddle frog.

    To break up the intense studying and avoid information overload, we had the K9 Conservation anti-poaching unit come out and do a demonstration on how man’s best friend is being implemented in the war against poaching. These dogs can detect everything from cartridges to people and are quick on scent trails of tracks left behind in the thick bush. We would like to thank Peter and his team for taking the time out of their busy schedule to do this.

    With the excitement over for the week it was back to the books. Our students eat, sleep and breathe study at this point in time and I am sure they will all do well in their exam tomorrow morning.

    Remember, Luck is where preparation meets opportunity, so ‘Good luck’ to all our students!

    Until next week,
    Conraad and the Bushwise team