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    As the title would suggest in golfing terms, the back 9 refers to the last stretch before reaching the end of the game, so too are the current Bushwise students reaching the final stages of their course objectives. Yes, this week sees the students sitting their final FGASA exams with much midnight oil being burnt with a lot of question and answer sessions and cramming of information.


    The tension on campus is palpable as all are in a state of panic, however in order to calm the waters, the students were treated to a welcome break by being taken on the Panorama route which involved a sedate tour of all the beautiful and scenic attractions that the Lowveld has to offer. The Three Rondawels, Bourke’s Luck potholes, God’s Window, Berlin Falls to mention but a few, winding through forests and breath-taking mountain passes and the mouth-watering pancakes at “Harries” pancakes to bring an end to the campus blues. Those who have explored the Lowveld would know that Harries pancakes in Graskop are legendary and thus the calm had been restored amongst the students!


    To further restore calm, game drives were relaxed affairs in-between their studies, without too much emphasis on techniques and skills that have been the order of the day leading up to this week, after all, all work and no play often leads to students becoming a dull boy (or girl). Trainers going out of their way to provide the avid birders opportunities to hone their I.D. skills, for the avid photographers the opportunities to get that one last perfect sunset shot, and for others the relaxed enjoyment of sitting and watching a pride off lions with their young without being disturbed by other vehicles for hours! A productive week all being said.

    This bubble had to burst sometime though, and that it did on Friday 07h30 when the final FGASA exam kicked off at the Bushwise Mahlahla campus! By 10h00 the students set their pens down, handed in their papers and filed out of the classroom. Some with broad smiles, others without, most without finger nails though as now they anxiously await their results. Stay strong folks, the results will be made available real soon, spare a thought for the test markers as we go about marking your tests since we are thorough and do not rush the affair so as to ensure that your final marks are accurate and a true reflection of your efforts and diligence over the last 4 or so months!


    Greetings and salutations from the Bushwise Team!