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    I think all our students and staff would agree – this semester has been a busy one! The off week has arrived just in the nick of time, and everyone can have a break, regain their sanity and start fresh for an even busier 4th semester in a week’s time.

    The main focus of this week was of course, Advanced Rifle Handling (or ARH) assessments. After lots of dry run practice, loud shots, putting theory into practice and some bruised shoulders/jaws – we are proud of all our students achievements, with most achieving at least a basic level. Re-assessments will take place at the start of next semester.


    Whilst some groups were busy with shooting assessments, the others were on game drives of course! Every game drive is an opportunity for extra practice for the upcoming Level 1 assessment drives in 4 weeks, so the more practice, the better!


    To tie in with the conservation lecture done the week before, on Wednesday we found ourselves on a nearby game farm, being shown the behind the scenes aspects of a working buffalo, black impala and sable breeding farm. This form of conservation was discussed in great detail – everything from going rates to pressure plates for tick repellent. Thank you to Roelof for showing us around – it was an eye opening experience.

    Our planned afternoon walk was unfortunately cancelled due to an unexpected thunderstorm – but we got to watch the DVD based on the true story of Jock of the Bushveld – a great glimpse into a small fraction of South African history!

    The rest of the week gave way to a Kruger park trip (with fantastic sightings as always) and game drives with a placement and feedback session yesterday afternoon.

    After the birding slide & sound test this morning, a large portion of our students are off to Kruger Park for the week – some just doing a self-drive, whilst others are doing backpack trails. Enjoy the well-deserved break ladies and gents!

    On a separate note – a huge thank you to all our Facebook fans for allowing us to ‘shoot’ (excuse the pun) over the 10,000 fan mark! 

    Until Next time,

    Charles & the Bushwise Team

    Elephant & Mountain photo credit: Nick Newman