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This last week saw the last of the students enjoying a relaxed, stress free week, but there was none the less a lingering feeling of anxiety as the end of the week also meant the end of the 6 Month course. Since the start of the year our students have spent every week, and for some, every day together. They were learning not only about the nature, the animals, the plants and bugs, but rather learning a lot about themselves, learning invaluable people skills and finding out who they are inside. Building friendships that will last the rest of their lives, all surrounding a common goal, the love and understanding of our natural environment. 


A trip to the nearby mountains was the start of the week’s jam packed activities, and we all got to explore the mountain streams and waterfalls that are the source for many of the bigger rivers running through the Lowveld! A night drive through the forests was a treat with Bush babies, Owls and many other little nocturnal creatures about! The next day we spent further exploring the forests.

No time for rest as the next day, they got to go on the famous Panorama Route, sightseeing the great escarpment. Lunch at Harry’s Pancakes and a tour through Echo Caves filled the day with adventure! The next day was more relaxed, with a morning visit to the local rehabilitation centre, and a game drive through the reserve “for old times’ sake” looking at how the bush has changed since the recent rains, including a family of really cute little Black Backed Jackal puppies!


One last night drive, followed by a day for packing and sorting out everything, and then it was that time of the course, time for the dreaded goodbyes. As if the heavens knew of the mood, a heavy thunderstorm passed over that evening, and the lightning and thunder boomed throughout the now silent campus. We wish all our students the best of luck in their ventures, and as memorable their course was to them, as memorable it was to us!


Till we meet again, cheers to now being “bush wise”!

Happy holidays to everyone, and may the rest of the year be the best of the year!

Regards from the bush

Vaughan and the Bushwise team