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    The season is changing, the temperature is rising, and, so is the pace at Bushwise Field Guides.

    The week started with some good old theory lectures on Rifle Handling and Arthropods, the subjects to be covered in tomorrow’s exams. Learners took well to the subjects after a week of practical Track & Sign.

    During this week some crucial legal requirements covering the handling of firearms for business purposes were completed. SASSETA certification is required for future prospects where some of our learners, having successfully completed their trials guide theory and practical examinations, might be required to handle rifles during their occupation as guides in the hospitality industry.

    Practical lodge placements are slowly but surely getting closer and it was time to exchange some feedback of the semester gone by, add some suggestions for the remainder of the course, and discuss placement venues. A process needed to mediate the upward spiral of continual improvement, both for learner and service provider.

    Game drives are taken as serious business, with revision of driving and guiding skills getting fine-tuned in preparation for next semester’s mock-assessments. Every now and then we get rewarded for all this` hard work` … and a nine lion pride at Sable dam was one such treat, with males, females and youngsters  literally passing us in single file, one by one – awesome, again, and again, and …

    In preparation for the coming off week learners are off for a town trip to collect rented vehicles, and get final goodies for all kinds of strange outings, yet, not before  Saturday`s tests are dealt with. Good luck everyone, and congratulations on a job well done during this semester.

    Next semester holds Advanced Rifle Handling and FGASA Practical mock assessments, the last of the theory lectures, and Bushwise Birding Specialist week. Yup, things are warming up, and, before we get into the red, we need to take a break; another semester is drawing to a close.

    Until Next Time,

    Cobus & The Bushwise Team