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    The key part in training aspirant field guides is to continuously raise the benchmarks in order to ensure that they leave the Bushwise course as confident, well informed and professional guides.

    This week past therefore has been focusing on not only continuing with honing their skills insofar as “mock” game drive assessments, but to remove the students from their comfort zones and put them into real life Big 5 approaches and handling of a Big 5 sighting safely for both animal and guest, and at the same time become exposed to the use of radio communication to effectively manage a sighting utilising the correct procedures.

    Part and parcel of this is to also demonstrate under the watchful guidance of our experienced trainers, how to and where to “Off road” ethically, with due consideration to both the environment and also to the assets (vehicles and equipment) of a company, not to mention the safety of your future guests and to enhance their safari experience!

    Now this may seem relatively easy enough, however, animals do not necessarily play along with our plans and at times prove quite difficult to locate. This was not the case this week as we were blessed with several sightings every game drive that enabled real life approaches on most of the Big 5! Herds of elephant and prides of lions to mention but a few, and all of this whilst dealing with (much needed) torrential rain and difficult road conditions!


    It doesn’t get more real than this ladies and gents! This is GUIDING!

    “Upping the game” did not only stop at the afore mentioned, as the necessary fire arm training also commenced. Getting your stance right, shouldering your rifle correctly, operating the bolt safely, getting your sight/target picture right to name but a few of the basics were added to the weeks’ activities. Suffice to say that rifle “dry” runs are a must before any live firing takes place, and we as trainers are going to be very busy in the upcoming weeks as there appears to be quite a few “shoot from the hip” fellows out there and a few “lefties”!

    Challenge accepted ladies and gents. We at Bushwise will soon have you up to speed.

    Joking aside though, we at Bushwise Field Guides pride ourselves on providing only the very best that field guide training has to offer, and we leave NO stone unturned in order to achieve this, so hold on to the reins students, this is the turning point in your training as we begin to “UP” your game and raise the bar to the next level!

    Greetings from Trevor and the Bushwise team