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    This week at Bushwise was the week to show what we have learnt over the last 5 months with the final FGASA exams and practical assessments it was time to shine. I am happy to report that everyone did an amazing job in crushing the finals and their practicals.
    One of the more challenging parts was the hot box (Drinks Stop) and everyone tried their best to be very creative and for most of us it worked quite well. Some of the students showed some awesome initiative and made their own snacks like biscuits and even rice crispy cakes. And some went the biltong way (Which is always a winner) with a surprisingly wide variety of different teas and coffees.
    I think the harder part of the practicals was that we had to impress the friends we made in the last 5 months with the same things they have learnt over that period, but once you get passed that first stop and you see smiles and happy reactions it went very smoothly. On my own drive a few minutes in I actually started having fun and it helps the experience for everyone if the guide has a good time out there.
    While some was busy with they Practicals others were doing mock ARH (Advanced Rifle Handling) assessments, in preparation for our actual ARH assessments. And this is a little bit of stress but a major amount of fun. After a bit of practice we all seem to be ready for the real assessment.
    With a big thanks to all of our trainers and the rest of the Bushwise crew we are all on our way to being some real decent Field Guides. I personally cannot wait to start working and have fun out there in the bush everyday.
    So for those that are thinking about a job in this industry and studying this. If you are really passionate about Africa and nature it starts paying off in experiences even before you get to the actual work part of the life. And now that we have passed I bet I can talk for everyone here in saying that we have enjoyed every moment we had out there.
    Blog by Eugene Weerts