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    Monday we had lectures on Ecology and Geology and the importance that they hold in a job as a Field Guide as well as nature. Tuesday and Wednesday we had our First Aid Level 2 course. It was so much fun with theory mixed with practicals to learn how to deal with snake bites, broken bones, shock, etc. This helped us realise how scary and unprepared we were to deal with something like this, if it were to happen when we were on a drive with guests. But now we know! It was a lot of information to take in and learn in a short period of time but our instructors (Jan and Frikkie) were incredible and made it interesting and taught us more than we ever expected. Needless to say WE ALL PASSED!

    Photo credit – Robert Meineke

    Thursday morning at 6:30 am we set off of on our morning drives led by students. Watching student led drives is amazing to see. As this is everyone’s first time leading a game drive it is interesting to see what knowledge everyone has and how everyone seems to be taking to it like a duck to water and you would think they had been doing it for years!

    On a student led drive on Friday some of the students got lucky enough to see a herd of elephants as well as two cheetah! What an incredible thing to experience on your first time leading a game drive!

    Photo credit – Robert Meineke

    Photo credit – Robert Meineke

    Saturday morning we sat our second test and most people then headed into town for some shopping and food. In the evening we had a campfire and everyone got the chance to catch up and tell each other stories of the week! Like the amazing elephant and cheetah sightings!

    This week has given us more of an idea of how our 23 weeks is going to be at the Bushwise campus and personally I couldn’t be more excited!

    Blog by current student Victoria Simmons

    Featured picture by Pierre-Alain Dupont