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Semester 2, week 1 – This past week the students were treated to an introductory course in wildlife photography. Etienne Oosthuizen came in and went through all the tips and tricks for getting the best out of photography. Everyone had a chance to adjust their own cameras once the technical terms like aperture, ISO and shutter speed were explained. An afternoon game drive meant students then got the opportunity to go out and master the techniques doing some actual wildlife photography. The topic of vehicle positioning was also explained and allowed students to experience first-hand the reasons why it is so important!

Photography 2 MH

By the end of the course the students also realised that guests don’t only come to Africa to see the iconic animals and landscape but they also want the memories captured on camera. Being able to identify good photographic opportunities is a key part of any guided experience and can really make the difference to guests!

Group shot Nathan

In the evening students were also shown how to do some night time photography, taking impressive photos of the stars and also experimenting with some light effects!

The rest of the week was all about studying the topics of Arthropods and Weather & Climate, which was very interesting and resulted in some quizzical looks up at the sky each day. The weather was also closely monitored due to the imminent arrival of cyclone Dineo, which in the end only resulted in some heavy rains for a short time.

In amongst the action packed week, students were also lucky enough to some great sightings on drive with lions, leopards and cheetah all making an appearance!

Lioness MH

Blog by current student Michelle Haveron