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    Field Guides Association of Southern Africa

    Bushwise is an accredited member of The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) which was formally established in 1992.

    The Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA) is a registered provider with South Africa’s Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA). To qualify as a professional field guide, you will have to complete your training with a provider that has been accredited by FGASA.

    Bushwise is an FGASA accredited provider with a respected reputation in South Africa, and also beyond our borders. Our staff, students and alumni are highly recognised in the safari industry, due to the high standards of our training and the all-encompassing courses we offer.


    The function of FGASA

    • Quality-assure and moderate nature guiding qualifications
    • Endorse and quality-assure training providers and trainers of nature guiding unit standards
    • Quality-assure and develop qualified nature guide assessors and moderators
    • Enhance the credibility of field guiding and tracking in Southern Africa
    • Encourage guides to achieve higher levels of professionalism, and thereby improve the quality of service to, and safety of, the visitors both local and international
    • Keep members abreast of developments in the industry via regular communication.


    FGASA promotes a standard of excellence through

    • Promoting the development of guiding skills and the progressive levels of professional qualifications
    • Promoting the tourist guide qualifications in the national qualifications framework
    • Encouraging a professional ethical code of conduct
    • Providing a set of professional guiding principles
    • Quality assurance of nature guides, trainers and assessors
    • The endorsement of tracker and nature guide training providers
    • A training syllabus and an evaluation system that promotes the development of nature guides in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
    • The requirement of a valid, recognised first aid certificate.


    The FGASA promise

    FGASA promotes the training of nature guides through the endorsement of training providers who conform to the FGASA and national training standards. FGASA’s philosophy is one of promoting the guide and tracker on the ground in terms of skills development, recognition of existing skills and creation of job opportunities within the tourism industry. FGASA is fully committed to the development and implementation of the national qualifications, promoting the development of all tourist guides, including individuals without the resources to qualify as guides, trainers and assessors as part of South Africa ‘s transformational process.


    Brent Scott, Nambiti Plains

    “I have found the Bushwise students to be highly professional in their approach to both guests and the environment and in addition it is always a pleasure that the students have an above average knowledge of not only the larger mammal species but a broad base on everything important within a wildlife environment.”

    Robbie Eyre from South Africa

    “I have enjoyed every aspect of this course, and learned an overwhelming amount during this time. Thanks for giving me such a thorough and professional start in this industry!”