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Nature Conservation Courses



To contribute to the conservation of natural resources and our rich biodiversity, some form of nature training is essential. The synergy of all the elements in nature is so diverse that one single nature conservation course will not cover everything you need to know. 

The idea behind nature conservation courses are to release conservationists into the field with a general knowledge of the above. Bushwise aims to have students that are sufficient in assisting natural resource managers, park managers and scientific officers in every aspect of their field. 

Our wildlife courses are suitable to give any nature conservationist the knowledge they need to form a secure foundation from which they can build their studies. We also provide programs to further your studies and experience in your field through our Wildlife Research Expedition. You will walk away from the Bushwise campus with not only a full heart but knowledgeable about ethical conservation and the implementation of certain research techniques.


Wildlife Research Expedition

This program, which takes place in 4, 8 or 12 week durations, is of particular relevance to students wishing to gain practical exposure and experience in the field, as well as to develop the necessary ‘on the ground’ skills in order to become a more well-rounded wildlife field researcher in the conservation industry. Alongside intensive field experiences, lectures, practical surveys, research and tracking techniques skills are taught as a focus for the duration of the course.

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FGASA Professional Field Guide Course

Spend 23 weeks training and achieve the FGASA Level 1 Professional Field Guide Qualification in the African bush, as well as other qualifications & skills included in the course. You can also chose to include an optional six months practical work experience on a game reserve or volunteer or research program.

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Greg Moran from South Africa

“I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a great deal. I thought being in the bush my whole life, I would have known a lot, but what I have learned here, I could never have anywhere else. Excellent trainers and great friendly staff – always ready to help and make this probably the best experience I have ever had. For that, I am so grateful to Bushwise!”

Lukas Pfaudler from Germany

“I was dreaming of Africa since I was a little boy. My biggest wish was to experience the amazing wildlife of Africa, not just out of a vehicle or a movie. Bushwise made this dream come true and offered so much more.”