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    What to expect as a Safari Guide



    Early mornings, staring out into the bush with a cup of coffee in hand, planning where you will take your clients for the day. You listen to the reports from other guides and managers, finding out where the latest sightings happened, and you start packing your “hotbox” for the day out in nature. 

    Safari guides in Southern Africa experience something new every day. Some days it’s really easy, other days you feel like the elements are against you, but at the end of the day, it is always with a smile that you entertain your guests with stories and pictures.

    A safari guide and field guide are one and the same. They work on a game reserve and are responsible for the guests’ experiences on the reserve. These are usually conducted on either a game drive, or on foot, to feel, hear, smell, and see the beauty of your “office”. As a guide, you require a wealth of knowledge regarding your surrounding area. This includes history, fauna and flora, climate, geology, geography or all the other beautiful things mother nature provides us with. 

    Bushwise’s trainers have over 50 years of combined experience that they are eager to share with new students and future field guides. From the tiniest of insects to the biggest of trees, nothing goes unnoticed, and nothing goes unmentioned. This wealth of knowledge at your disposal creates the ideal setting for your training in becoming a standout field guide. Tie this in with Bushwise’s free recruitment service, the 6-month placement, and the guaranteed job offer (Ts & Cs apply) you will only need a good attitude to make a complete success of your guiding career.

    Our FGASA professional field guide course is not only accredited by FGASA, but our students are also highly sought after in the lodge industry. It is a well-known fact that Bushwise students are off the highest quality when they finish their course and are swooped up often by well-regarded lodges. Have a look at our testimonial page and alumni success stories for a full view of what lodges, students and alumni say about their experience with Bushwise.



    Greg Moran from South Africa

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a great deal. I thought being in the bush my whole life, I would have known a lot, but what I have learned here, I could never have anywhere else. Excellent trainers and great friendly staff – always ready to help and make this probably the best experience I have ever had. For that, I am so grateful to Bushwise!”

    Lukas Pfaudler from Germany

    “I was dreaming of Africa since I was a little boy. My biggest wish was to experience the amazing wildlife of Africa, not just out of a vehicle or a movie. Bushwise made this dream come true and offered so much more.”