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Why Bushwise?

Bushwise excels in the field guide industry and is continuously producing students with the highest pass mark.

Why Bushwise


Bushwise delivers the highest standard in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to ensure our students land the best jobs in the future. Our courses are designed to train students in becoming competent field guides and experienced to take on wildlife research programs. Bushwise excels in the field guide industry and is continuously producing students with the highest pass mark.

  1. Quality & Employability

Bushwise is the only provider that offers an employment guarantee. Our students obtain employment at some of South Africa’s finest lodges. This includes Mala Mala, Singita, Lions Sands, ANDBeyond, and Londolozi. Our students are also employed in countries such as Tanzania, Patagonia, USA, Namibia, Botswana, and Malawi.

With a focus on high-quality training, professionalism and ethical guiding standards, we manage to upkeep a 100% employment record for students that passed the 12-month course since 2012.


  1. Bushwise has the highest pass rate of all providers

Bushwise students achieved the highest marks of all the FGASA long term providers from 2012 -2019. 


  1. Bushwise offers the most comprehensive course

As a Bushwise graduate, you will have all the necessary national qualifications to be a professional field guide. We also add extra in-house certificates, included in your fees, to help you stand out from the competition. 


  1. Personalised guidance

We believe in individual attention as every student excels in different modules. This enables personalized focused training.  Bushwise maintains one of the lowest students to staff ratios, one trainer to every six students.


  1. Experience 

All Bushwise trainers practised as professional field guides before the stepped into trainer roles. Over 14 years of experience in offering all-encompassing FGASA field guiding courses allows Bushwise to focus on training skills and knowledge that are highly sought after in the safari industry. We have 385 successful Bushwise field guides in the industry. 

  1. Best value for money

Bushwise offers extra qualifications to improve your employability, with unique skills such as child and vulnerable adult protection policies and ethical guiding practices. Read more on What’s included at Bushwise for a visualization of what is included to see why we are the best value for money. 


  1. Placements

Bushwise offers a six-month job placement at South Africa’s top lodges. This is vital to gain that valuable experience the safari industry requires. There is a variety of job placements available including field guiding, wildlife research, game ranger, and animal rehabilitation. Bushwise trainers are also available during your placement for support and mentorship. 


  1. Campus

Bushwise campus is a fully-fenced eight-hectare campus. Equipped to make your six-month stay with us a home away from home. Accommodation is a shared rondavel and your weekly meals are prepared by in-house chefs. We have electricity, free wifi, pool, and a basic gym that the students can use. The campus also offers a field guide related library, an on-site shooting range and braai with a social area. 

Bushwise staff resides on campus in case of an emergency. 


  1. Community care

Bushwise hosts a local student with a proven dedication to conservation who does not have the financial resources to complete a FGASA field guiding course. We aim to improve awareness of conservation through field guiding in the local communities.


  1. Making a difference

Bushwise is aware of the misguided ethics and practices in wildlife conservation and field guiding. For that reason, it is a priority for us to align our courses with best practices in ethical guiding. 

As a unique extra at Bushwise, we educate all our staff and students on child and vulnerable adult protection policies and best practises.


Colin Patrick – Colin Patrick Training

“It is a privilege to be associated with training providers that put back into conservation and guiding by providing top quality training to the guides of the future. Bushwise is one of those training providers and Colin Patrick Training is proud to be associated with such an organisation”

Kevin MacLaughlin from South Africa

“Bushwise has given me the opportunity to take on a job in the guiding industry with confidence, knowing that I can do the job properly, looking back at everything I learnt, I probably wouldn’t be able to say that if I hadn’t done the course. Credits must go out to our trainers Charles, Trevor and Willie who all went out of their way in making sure we produced the results we wanted. Without Bushwise I wouldn’t be where I am today and where I am now is exactly where I want to be.”