Living with nature

Gain the qualifications and opportunities to follow one of the most rewarding and exciting career paths in the world.


Bushwise has built a reputation as a leading training provider in the safari industry and maintains standards of excellence throughout its courses offerings

Formal instruction

Excellent grounding for placements and possible future employment in 'Big Five' reserves.

Your fellow students

Meet, learn and work with a group of people with the same enthusiasm and passion for field guiding.


Learn about some of Africa's most fascinating animals in their natural habitat.

Living with nature

Bushwise Field Guides and Hospitality Internships

We are specialists in running the FGASA Professional Field Guide Course in South Africa and offer the highest level of training and service for all of our students.

In 2012 Bushwise Field Guides graduates achieved the highest pass marks of all FGASA long term providers and are considered some of THE best trained guides in the industry.

To date we have trained over 200 professional field guides, many of whom are now working at some of the finest lodges on the best game reserves in Southern and Eastern Africa.

We have built our outstanding reputation on providing the very best field guide training, with a dedication to the idea that nothing can substitute for experience working on safari. As such Bushwise graduates are sought after in the industry by some of the leading lodges and research programmes in South Africa.

We also ensure that our students experience Africa in a fun, safe and responsible way that will lead them to become the very best safari field guides with an eye for conservation and attention to protect the areas in which they work.

Join us on one of Bushwise’s safari field guide courses and have a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. Our course is the ideal platform for a successful field guiding career or even just for an unforgettable year out.

"Bushwise is a great training asset to the safari world"
Courteney Blunden, Africa on Foot

Hospitality Internships

In addition to our Safari Field Guide Training Program we are proud to offer hospitality internship positions within luxury Game Lodges across South Africa, with a guaranteed internship placement prior to departure. This new and exciting program is a unique way to build international work experience and skills in the culinary, hospitality and tourism industry, while living alongside African wildlife and wilderness. You will also have the opportunity to explore one of the most breath-taking and diverse countries in the world.

Work and build on your hospitality experience in one of South Africa's finest luxury safari lodges and take your career to the next level!

The "Big Bang" Theory

I think all our students and staff would agree – this semester has been a busy one! The off week has arrived just in the nick of time, and everyone can have a break, regain their sanity and start fresh for an even busier 4th semester in a week’s time.

All in a day's work!

Hello again from all of us at Bushwise field guides. It only feels like 7 days since we last spoke, oh wait it was only 7 days ago and yet another week has come and gone. With our weeks being so busy it just seems to go by way too quickly! Surely it’s because we are having such an awesome time.

Birding...and Mammal week!?

This week, as we do on each course, we ran our Bushwise birding week, starting with one full day spent in the classroom covering all the theory, as well some picture identification to get use to finding birds in the book, at least in the photos they can’t fly away!


... snake, watch out, everybody stand still...

A boomslang female above my head ... everything froze, and then changed. A shift in the right direction...with good reason. Boomslang are Haemotoxic, and antidote is few and far between.

Like reading a Newspaper

Last week we welcomed Colin Patrick to facilitate the Cybertracker Track and Sign course for this student group. The goal for the week was to broaden knowledge, not only about tracks, but also signs left by animals and awareness of our surroundings.