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About Us

Bushwise specializes in running professional FGASA's (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) accredited courses and Hospitality Course and Work Placement programmes. Both the organisation, as well as our graduates, are highly recognized in the hospitality industry due to our high standards and excellent reputation.

About Us


Bushwise runs FGASA’s (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) accredited professional field guide courses, during these courses, we do not loose focus on our goal of producing guides of excellence by diversifying into other areas…we do what we do best and to uphold our excellent reputation… long courses that produce high quality and well sought after guides.


Our Standards

We focus on training students to the highest standard possible in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to enable them to get the best jobs in the future. We include additional qualifications in the course, which are carefully chosen to ensure there is no compromise on core foundation subjects needed as a guide, to promote our students in the industry and the field they are striving to start a career in.

It is important to note that Bushwise is not ‘just a Level 1 course’, students are taught up to a Level 2 standard to ensure they are highly knowledgeable and immediately prepared from the moment they start their guiding career.


Careers after Bushwise

If you are looking to work within big 5 reserves then you need to sign up with Bushwise , as our course provides a focus on working around dangerous game and all practical training is carried out in a 26,000hectare wilderness reserve with dangerous animals including elephant, lion, hippo, buffalo, leopard and rhino.


Field Guide Exposure

Our course structure and syllabus is specifically developed to ensure that you, the student, become a competent field guide, gain a work placement and give students a foot in the door for future employment on a big 5 reserve or wildlife research programs. We have a strong emphasis on producing high quality guides with excellent practical skills and not solely theoretical knowledge.

Bushwise has gained an excellent reputation in the field guide industry by producing high achieving students with outstanding pass rates, both practically and academically, and as a result our graduates are highly sought after. Bushwise has consistently attained some of the highest FGASA Level 1 exam results compared to other longterm training providers.

Bushwise has been set up by experienced personnel who have been working extensively in training, program logistics, field guiding, and the eco-tourism industry.




Keenan Houareau – Head Ranger at Karongwe Portfolio

“Bushwise students are an asset to the team here on Karongwe . Bushwise students are the future to a strong guiding team and they bring with them the knowledge and professionalism that Bushwise teaches them.”

Chantal Gerstner from South Africa

“I’ve taken so much in from my course through Bushwise that helped me grow and succeed in both my life and work environments . It helped me grow mentally in so many ways; and I had a lifetime of wow, amazing, fun and learning times and it was so worth it. It was an experience that made a positive and strong impact on my life. I’ll always remember and be thankful to Bushwise and the Bushwise team – they motivate you and you gain so much from them that improves your life positively as well as your work goals. You really can go far in so many ways with Bushwise if you also work hard with them through it. It’s a pure adventure, and a once in a lifetime experience that you won’t regret!!!”