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Nearing the end of the course

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

BY: Lorena Peter

Camp manager blogs are written by our current students who each get a chance to lead and manage a group (of their fellow students) for a period of one week.

“This is it!” I thought. We were in the final leg of our Bushwise journey, with only one week to go before our last off-week and one more test before our big FGASA exam. 

Bushwise students preparing for their final exam.

My week as camp manager happened to be an important week at Bushwise. It started off with assessments on identifying animals by sight and sounds on Monday. 

Tuesday was one of the hottest days we had experienced during our time there. The international students had spent all day in Hoedspruit at the traffic department to do our driver’s tests. It was an important step towards becoming field guides.

Our South African friends back at camp had started the day with their first mock assessment drives. They were tasked with planning routes and delivering guided experiences for fellow students acting as guests. 

Bushwise students on a game drive.

Photo by: Ben Klunder

We experienced hot days throughout the week followed by thunderstorms at night. Luckily, our mock assessment drives weren’t affected. We were excited to see all the insects and frogs appear and to be able to identify them! 

My experience at Bushwise has been one big adventure so far, with only a few hiccups along the way as all good adventures go. But overall, it’s honestly been a life-changing experience and I’ll always cherish the memories I’ve made in the Lowveld. 

Elephants in the lowveld.

Photo by: Donald Fraser

Coming from a small town in Switzerland where there isn’t much wildlife and with the cold winter months approaching, I’m glad to be in the African bush. Nothing beats the sounds of the wild, the picturesque sunsets and sunrises, and the vast landscapes! 

Joining Bushwise was a lifelong dream come true. I got to gain knowledge and understanding of a place I love most in the world – the African wilderness – and I couldn’t have asked for a better host than Bushwise. 

I look forward to seeing where everyone ends up after completing the course!

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