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What is World Ranger Day?

BY: Tasneem Johnson-Dollie

On 31 July we’ll be celebrating World Ranger Day, in honour of those on the forefront of conservation. Don’t know much about World Ranger Day, or what a ranger actually does? Well, you’re about to find out. 

Wildlife rangers are wildlife experts who make sure that nature reserves, game reserves, and national parks are well-managed. One of their key responsibilities is the conservation of the fauna and flora within these environments, which can be a pretty big task when you look at the area of land they need to cover. 

Why are wildlife rangers important?

A Bushwise instructor teaching students how to identify grasses.

Because of the significant impact of climate change and human activities such as pollution and overdevelopment, every natural environment – and the fauna and flora it contains – is at risk. With conservation being their main business, wildlife rangers are a big part of ongoing conservation efforts.

A day in the life of a ranger may include: monitoring wildlife and natural environments, engaging with local communities to collect or convey wildlife conservation information, assisting with tourism, managing fires, or addressing wildlife crimes – like poaching. 

This is a wildlife conservation job that depends on wildlife personnel to be clued up and careful – since some of these activities can be dangerous. So it’s no surprise that becoming a ranger takes a good amount of training. You need to have a tertiary-level education in a wildlife discipline, as well as practical experience in the field. 

Jobs in wildlife conservation aren’t for the faint-hearted, which is why wildlife rangers have a day dedicated to their successes and to highlight the positive impact that they’re making in the world. 

What is World Ranger Day about?

World Ranger Day was established in 2007 by the International Ranger Federation (IRF) – an organisation that provides a global platform for wildlife rangers to connect and share their experiences. 

It commemorates the daily contribution that wildlife rangers make to conservation, and honours those who’ve been injured or killed in the field. 

But, while the world takes a moment to cheer on wildlife rangers, World Ranger Day also brings home another important message – that wildlife conservation jobs are important, and having more wildlife rangers in the field would be great for global conservation efforts. 

Keen to get involved in this type of wildlife conservation job? Let’s take a look at how you can launch your career as a wildlife ranger.

How to contribute to World Ranger Day

Bushwise field guides inspecting a nest.

Getting involved in conservation activities that add to the wildlife conservation jobs that rangers do is a great way to make a contribution on World Ranger Day and beyond. And, of course, you could work on becoming a fully-fledged wildlife ranger yourself. 

Bushwise Field Guides offers Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) accredited courses that can set a solid foundation for anyone looking to step into a career in wildlife conservation. 

These courses will also up your chances of studying to become a wildlife ranger in the future by helping you gain important theoretical knowledge and practical experience. 

Getting closer to becoming a wildlife ranger

A field guide looking out over the terrain with binoculars.

Get a taste for what it’s like working in ethical wildlife conservation jobs while training to become a professional field guide or wildlife researcher. Take a step closer to becoming a wildlife ranger by taking part in a conservation careers internship or FGASA Field Guiding Online Course

And once you’re qualified, find out about the complimentary recruitment service and employment opportunities that Bushwise has to offer in prestigious game reserves and private lodges. 

Find out more about Bushwise Field Guides courses online or out in the field that could start off your career in wildlife conservation, and make you a part of the global community we celebrate on World Ranger Day. 


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