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10 reasons why Bushwise is the best place to do a Field Guide Course

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Firstly, the main reason to do our course should be to start a career in Field Guiding. A course likes ours is designed for career driven students who are focused on this and therefore willing to invest themselves fully. Not only does our course train students professionally and ethically but the add on skills and qualifications learnt adds to your employability and makes you a better, more experienced entry level guide in this competitive industry.

1.Job security

Since 2012, 100% our SA students who graduated were offered permanent positions in the industry and 50 – 70% of the International students have gone on to get permanent job offers.

We are now looking at giving job security to students by offering a free recruiting service to all students who graduated after the course and to past students looking for new opportunities

Photo by Ben Coley

2. Pass rate DOES matter

We have maintained the highest pass rate in the last 6 YEARS compared to any other long-term training providers in the industry. So, what does this say about us? No matter what your background, your age, your nationality, gender, past knowledge of wildlife or educational background, the students we train receive the best training available in terms of teachers in the field, training material, lectures, practical training and special attention to each and every student. Regular tests assist with retaining information, we touch on all modules throughout the course and the theory and classwork time is backed up by practical training to assist even further with retention of information.

Top marks for recent student Sophie Barrett

3. Who are your teachers?

Just because you were an excellent Field Guide, does not necessarily make you a good mentor or teacher. Collectively our trainers have over 50 years’ experience. To be the best you need to be trained by the best!

Class of January 2018

4. Work in a top lodge

Many of our students are now working in top lodges in South Africa like Singita, Mala Mala and Lion Sands & others followed Wildlife career paths for National Geographic, Safari Live and many reputable research centres.

Photo by Judy G Diver, past student Thabisani Buthelezi now working at Mala Mala

5. Reputation speaks for itself!

Over the last 10 years we have built an excellent reputation – many lodges contact us regularly looking for Bushwise students to work at their establishments, as opposed to going through recruitment agencies.

6. One of the most comprehensive courses you can get

You can get up to 8 Nationally accredited certificates on the 6-month course

FGASA Level 1​, First aid level 1 & 2​​, Trails theory​, 4 X 4​ Driving course, Cybertracker​, SASSETA firearm certificates​ & Advanced Rifle Handling​​

Other valuable certificates & skills learnt: ​Bushwise course certificate, Birding specialist​, Snake handling course​, Photography workshop​, Wine tasting​, Survival skills, Basic mechanics​, Hospitality training, Social media​, astronomy, Navigational & Orientation skills, Principals of Nature Conservation which forms part of our day to day training.

Wine tasting and food paring

7. Prime Bushveld surroundings

We do all our activities on a well know 35,000 HA Game Reserve in the Lowveld, with game such as Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Brown Hyena, Wild dog, Cheetah and more. And the Bushwise campus has comfortable bungalows, a pool which is a necessity for those hot summer months, braai area for socialising and wifi for keeping in touch with friends & family.

Makalali Private Game Reserve

8. Long term = more experience

Over a 6 month period you will gain valuable practical experience. Each student will get a chance to conduct their own game drives and hone in on their guiding skills. The more practical training you get, the more experienced you will be and in turn the more employable you are.

9. Work placements

Most lodges are looking to employ guides with experience. It is sometimes not enough to just do a course and then expect to find a job straight after that. A work placement gives students an opportunity to put what they have been taught on the course to the test. It also gives students a foot in the door and the chance to prove their worth to potential employers. Many of our students were offered permanent positions during this period which is a testament to what a great opportunity a work placement is.

Game drive sundowners, photo by Ben Coley

10. Once in a lifetime experience

On top of everything else, the experiences to be had on this course are amazing. You will have the opportunity to go a game drive nearly every single day bringing you exciting game viewing and sightings that allot of people pay allot of money to experience. You will also meet great liked minded people and form friendships that will last for years to come. In some cases you may meet your life partner ???? The outings in Kruger National Park and very special and the chance to do Sleepouts in Big 5 territory is some that very people are able to experience. It is never to late to change your path through life. Make the change and follow your dreams today!

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